Doesn’t it seem to you like a whole lot of theological problems could be avoided by simply understanding the basic intentions of the Old Testament as compared with the New? When my kids were little, I homeschooled them for a year or two. I remember seeing for the first time this useful little rhyme in a textbook:
The New is in the Old concealed.
The Old is in the New revealed.
And how is the New concealed in the Old? In large part by symbols and “types”.

Something that fascinates me is that, in the Old Testament, almost all the godly women are beautiful and the men rich. It’s just a fact, isn’t it? So where does that leave most of us, who are nicely in the middle, but neither of the above? Are we inferior in God’s eyes? Second class?

Well, if you think symbolically, typologically, it becomes obvious that their beauty and riches stand for the true beauty and riches of Christ. They had the oh-so-fleeting shadow. We have the substance – Himself –  eternally.

How many rich men were there in the New Testament? Two or three, I think? The foreshadowing simply wasn’t necessary anymore.

And, of course, look at Christ himself. If riches and beauty were truly the signs of a person on whom God’s favor rests, Christ would have had to be handsome and wealthy, wouldn’t he? But, as we know, he was neither.To me, that is the ultimate death knell to the Prosperity “Gospel”.

Just think how this basic understanding of Old and New would help to undercut the moorings of this twentieth and twenty-first century heresy.  Wouldn’t that be a blessing to our society? And so many others it has besmirched?