I have been interested over my years of being a Christian to see how very difficult it can be to answer some straightforward questions about our faith. Usually, it is not that we don’t believe the right things. It can just be so hard to explain them in a clear and concise way.

I love to talk with kids. I find them endlessly fascinating. And I have found a few explanations of deep theological issues that you might find helpful for yourself, or especially for the children in your own life. Here is one:

Why did Christ have to be God?

Let’s think about God for a minute. How “big” is God? Well, God is God-sized. That means everything about him is also God-sized. His love. His holiness. But also his anger against sin. Uh-oh!

How big are we? Well, compared with God, we are tiny, aren’t we? How can a little tiny, sinful creature deal with God-sized anger?

Well actually, God deals with it. The first way he does is by creating hell. That is why, if we go there, we are there forever. We are so tiny, and God’s anger against sin is so big, we can never finish paying for it.

But there is also another way. God sent his own son, Jesus, to pay for our sin. But how can Jesus do this? Well, Jesus is also God. So He is God-sized, too. This  means that God could pour out all his God-sized anger on Him and He was big enough to soak it all up. There wasn’t even one tiny little drop left over to slip out and destroy us.

And because Jesus is God, he is Life and he owns life. So, after dying for our sins, he took his life right back again. And he can share this life that can never end with us, when we put our trust in Him.