This was written long ago for a family in pain:

Precious girl. We don’t believe in karma. We believe in grace. And that makes all the difference. You are weeping, broken-hearted. So are they. And my heart weeps with you.

It is too late. Gone forever. What should have been now will never be. And that is true. And it is worth weeping over – for them and for you. But, my dear, do not forget the One who makes all things new, the One who saw Peter’s bitter tears of repentance and did not ever say a word to him about his sin. Rather, he had words of life and continued service.

But your eyes? Yes, of course they were open as you walked into your sin. There is no excuse for your sin. None at all. But now they are like Peter’s eyes – tears, tears and more tears. Look! Look at Christ’s hands! Now do you see? Now do you understand? Inexcusable, but not unforgivable! Paid in full! And those hands are reaching out – to you, and to them.

So what now? Forgiven, yes. But still rubble and desolation? World of what-might -have-been and accounts not exacted, but kept? God’s long memory and grace as karma and karma as grace?

No! A thousand times no! We might serve a God like that, but would we love him? Let’s reason together. Just whose white robe will you be wearing in heaven? Your own or His? And whose white robe has been set on you now? Your own or His? Placed over you, shielding, covering, proclaiming “pure” and “holy”. You wear this now and always for your heavenly bridegroom, and one day you will wear it for your earthly one.

My dear, and her dear ones, look UP! UP!