Oddment #1:

My post this morning is late as I didn’t wake up at five! I am an ex-insomniac who can still count on the residual effects to get me up by at least that hour. But, last night, the room was cold – which I love – the blankets were so warm…I didn’t open my eyes until 6:30. It was sheer luxury! Tennessee fall is the time of year my Canadian body feels most at home here…

Oddment #2:

Some of you may have noticed that when I respond to comments via my email account, the name “eveningofsteadfastlove” is appended.That was my original, brilliant choice for the name of this blog. I am not good at being ‘snappy’ with words, but I was pretty proud of myself for that. It suggested, to me, what I wanted: a woman who has embarked on at least the early stages of the last part of life with God. I lived with it awhile. Then, one day I thought, “My goodness, this sounds like a Harlequin Romance title! (or worse) So, I was left titleless again, Fortunately, there are people in my life who do ‘snappy’ well. My oldest daughter, Maryanne, took the task upon herself and in a couple of days had gracelookingback – much more suitable. So, in any case, if you see the original title lurking around my comment section you now know why!

Oddment #3:

A little tidbit I thought a propos: I am close friends with a woman called Nancy Pearcey. We met many years ago while her husband was studying in Toronto. Some of you may know her as the author, or co-author of several very fine books.

A couple of years ago, Nancy was here in Chattanooga to speak at the Covenant College Commencement ceremony. It was a great opportunity to see each other, so I went to her hotel for a big-person sleepover. It was, of course, lovely to catch up with her. We talked of anything and everything for several hours. One thing Nancy said that has stayed in my mind since is the following (And Nancy is a great mimic – this came with actions):

We were talking about God’s sovereignty, particularly the passage, “He will raise a signal for nations afar off, and whistle for them from the ends of the earth….” So Nancy said, “You see, Barb, it is like this,” and she put two fingers in her mouth to ‘whistle’,  beckoned to invisible football players, then pointed down to the exact spot where they were needed on the field. Isn’t that a brilliant image of God being God in history? A specific person for a specific role at a specific time in history. Under his sovereign control. ( And always cloaked in at least some mystery.)

Now for the Ends part of Odds and Ends: That is, “The End”.

And, again, my ‘preview’ button is not working…Hope all posts well.

See you all on Monday!