I wrote this years ago for my children. Tim posted it on his blog, and I notice he linked to it again yesterday. So, if you are followers of challies.com, this may be a re-run of a re-run! Sorry!

I am continually amazed, then re-amazed, at the carnage of divorce. I see this in Heather. Every holiday is a time of balancing all the family pushes and pulls for a child of divorce. No matter what uneasy solution a child arrives at, it does not satisfy everyone. And the child herself is ultimately blamed for causing unhappiness.

In this case, ongoing pressure is placed on Heather to warmly embrace the woman who willingly displaced Mom when Dad decided to trade her in for a newer model several years ago. Mom was left bitter and potentially destitute – without even medical insurance, certainly no current skills with which to provide for herself. Dad goes on to a life of increased wealth as he marries a young, childless woman immersed in the corporate world.

Do you challenge Mom about her bitterness? When? How? Do you refuse to acknowledge Dad’s new acquisition as a relevant part of your life? When? How? And all this comes to a head at holiday time. You have to make specific choices that externalize your thinking on the matter. Who will I eat Thanksgiving dinner with? Christmas dinner? I have prayed and agonized with Heather over these things. I generally encourage her to give her mother the best of every holiday. It seems not a bad thing for Dad to live with the consequences of his actions. Still, there is no really satisfactory outcome in this situation. It is too broken!

I came up against this again last week as I talked on the phone with a friend from Washington. She and her husband are both formerly divorced. They experience holidays, of course, from the perspective of the parents. That is, with many tears. She said they both had been crying for three days. Too many absent spots at the table; too many war wounds in their young. They are at the receiving end of the choices their kids make for holiday time.

I pray for you, my children, that you will all see with the eyes of eternity. That through the trials and tribulations of life – specifically marriage, in its stressful times – you will never have the shade of a doubt that, from all eternity, God planned for you to be with the one you have pledged yourself to. Guard your hearts and never allow the slightest strain of, “Well, maybe”, or “What if”, to enter your minds. Your unconditional commitment to your marriage, based on a total conviction of God’s sovereignty in bringing you together, is its greatest strength!