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The overarching principle of the Reformation is Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone. As Protestants, we defend that truth in every way. We maintain the Bible is inerrant, that it has no errors whatever. We also hold that it is infallible, that the inerrant content is totally trustworthy and reliable.

Wondrous doctrines! But not all that is necessary for Scripture to speak as God intends. The other doctrine so very important to understand is the perspicuity of Scripture. That is, Scripture is written to be essentially clear and comprehensible. It is not a mystery book. Thus, my little post-Thanksgiving offering for today:

Barbara’s Catechism
Refutation of Error: Doctrine of Scripture

The Bible is not clear. It can say anything people want it to say.

If that were true, it would be on every library shelf in the world. Teachers would embrace and promote it. It would be the darling of the modern intellectual. The Wisdom Book par excellence.

The reason the Bible is effectively banned in the public sphere of our society is that it is so very clear! Unbearably so for those determined to deny God’s truth in their own lives – and in yours, too.