I became a Christian quite dramatically, and suddenly. I had several ‘first’ post-conversion thoughts. One of the clearest was that my vain attempts at wisdom were indeed that – vain. I had not been spiralling upward in understanding of life, but going in circles. I determined that never, never again would I be fooled by men – including myself! I had been the foolee of other human beings and a fooler myself. Now I would rest exclusively on Scripture, in self-defense.

In those early days, much of the non-Christian propagandizing of a lifetime sloughed off quickly, in complete layers. One of the first myths to die was that of evolution – of course! God was self-evidently the creator of all things. But I was interested in the various ways Christians worked that out.

One of the most interesting perspectives came from that unique man, C.S. Lewis. (dazzling spiritual insights on one hand; on the other, giving away the store). Let me tell you what he said, generally, and as I recall it. I can not cite chapter, or even book. A few years ago we moved into a much smaller house, and most of our library remains in boxes.

Lewis was responding to the contention that a Creator God is a myth. He said that if so, this myth was not a good one. He, of all men, was in a position to know that as he loved myths and had read them voraciously. Evolution, of the other hand, was an excellent myth.


Evolution has all the elements of great drama. Man finds himself in a world of chaos and confusion where he has to survive through sheer, heroic determination. In the absence of a creator, he himself must bravely and boldly determine meaning, then try to wrest it from life. All with the knowledge that this is a dying world. The sun will be extinguished, the world perish. His efforts ultimately mean  – what? THAT is great tragedy. A great story. A great myth.

A Creator (Biblical) God is not. Why? He is too powerful, too much in control, too good, too well delineated. The dramatic tension of heroic resistance to this God is simply not there. And should not be there. Gone! Poof! And that is not good drama, not good myth, not a ‘good’ story.

Isn’t that brilliant?

And let me add one little note.

Remember when the Ephesians were rioting against Paul and Barnabas? (That is, against the Gospel?) Key people in the community – metalsmiths – could see that belief in an invisible Creator God was going to severely impact their idol-making business. So they incited the people against the Christians.

Some of the most revealing words in Scripture follow, as a town leader tries to calm the crowd:
“Men of Ephesus,doesn’t all the world know that the city of Ephesus is the the guardian of the temple of the great Artemis and of her image, which fell from heaven? Therefore, since these facts are undeniable, you ought to be quiet and not do anything rash.” (Acts 19:35-36)

Undeniable facts, indeed! Their myths and our myths!

Poor human nature. Determined to live in fogs, miasmas, of our own creation.