This is a little excerpt from a news letter I get in my inbox each morning. It is from a group called Creation Moments.

‘Historical science is one branch of human knowledge that consistently supports the biblical record.

In Matthew 27:45 we read that darkness covered the land from 12:00 noon until 3:00 in the afternoon, while Christ hung dying on the cross for our sins. The biblical language that describes Science Sheds Light on Darkest Daythis darkness makes it clear that it was not due to clouds. Nor could this darkness be caused by an eclipse of the sun. Christ’s crucifixion took place at Passover, a time when the moon is full. Besides, a solar eclipse never lasts for three hours.

It is interesting to note that this darkness was also recorded in Egypt. According to one ancient record, as the same darkness descended upon Egypt, it was so fearfully dark that Dinoysius of Egypt exclaimed, “Either the God of Nature is suffering, or the machine of the world is tumbling into ruin.” ‘

Incredibly perceptive words! I wonder if he ever heard the Gospel?