I detest mysticism.

Many years ago, the pastor of the church we were attending defined mysticism as “trying to know God apart from Scripture.” Brilliantly simple.

The mystic feels he can know God face-to-face in this life. That he can know God directly, without the mediation of Scripture.

And, certainly, we all long to know him that way. But that is held over for heaven, isn’t it?  That is our Great Hope for the future. On one hand, God dwells in us and is closer than a brother. On the other, he is still apart from us. We are here and he is there. That is part of the pain of the present age.

But in the meantime we don’t listen for God’s voice. We listen to God’s voice. In the Bible..

Sola Scriptura!

“For now we see in a mirror darkly but then face to face.”