I am keeping things really short these days for obvious reasons. You don’t have much time to read, and I don’t have much time to write! But before I go on to just a quick thought about Christmas, a comment:

My friend, Tammy, had some questions about my post on mysticism – great questions, and possibly similar to yours. I want to answer those, but think I will wait until the new year.

So, on with my post!

My son, Tim, wrote recently about looking at photos of Christmases Past and noting that the gifts that brought his children such excitement have long since been abandoned, probably even thrown out. There is a lesson on life’s priorities there, for sure…But…

Let me tell you about the two best Christmas gifts I ever received. They were given to me, by my parents, when I was seven or eight – a toy sewing machine and a beautiful doll’s outfit. Now, I didn’t play with toys, and – especially – I didn’t play with sewing machines and dolls. But my parents had not learned that yet.

Still….they were perfect presents. I looked at them and felt that such wonderful things were given only to little girls in magazines and so I was a little girl in a magazine. In other words, they were magical. They brought magic into my life. And I have never forgotten them, or my response in opening them.  The thoughts still bring me happiness.

I think they gave me the “surprised by joy” feelings that CS Lewis writes of in his book of that name…An intimation of some surpassing joy, some perfection, that was somewhere in the universe if I could only find it.

And it came to pass. Only He found me.

And, somehow, in the mystery of gospel-preparation, those little toys played a part.