A very tired grandma finds herself with a severe case of brain-mush. So, a quote from one of my favorite organizations, with a couple of brief thoughts following:

Voice of the Martyrs: This is from a book, published in 2000, about the underground church in China:

“Any historian or delegate who was not blinded by his own prejudices could have seen, with only cursory inquiry, that women have always possessed a prominent role in the Church in China. Even before Mao, at least 60% of all missionaries in China were women. The history of the church literally glows with the presence of China’s “Bible Women.” These women were in many cases the forerunners of later mission stations. As early as 1878, the Reformed Church of Amoy sent out these extraordinary women two by two to evangelize the surrounding villages. They went without purse, without special food, without the press, and without any agenda except spreading their Lord’s gospel.

These Bible women and their counterparts – the everyday wives and mothers- played an immeasurable role in preserving the church and causing it to grow during the dark days of Mao’s regime and the Cultural Revolution, which was led in no small part by Madam Mao.

Many of the male pastors were imprisoned and it was the women of the church who carried the flaming torch of the gospel. Fired by fervent and burning prayer, they were people of extraordinary ability in evangelism…..

It is estimated that 70% of active Christian believers in China today are women, and in many churches 90%are women…”

Personally, I am convinced – not  biblically, just on the basis of reading much about missions – that there will be more women than men in the New Heavens and the New Earth. Women, especially in cultures where they have been demeaned, respond from the depths of their being to a Savior who offers them compassion and love. And, in our own society, who else can heal the wounds of those women enticed into rampant sexual immorality except that same Savior?

And a comment to build on the fact, noted above, that women picked up the reins of church leadership in China when their men were imprisoned: Sabrina Wurmbrand says that happened also in Romania during the days of Communist oppression. Pastors’ wives, I suppose the ones next-best trained,  became – of necessity, and temporarily – the church leaders in that new reality.

I am proud of my gender!