My son, Tim, has just found out that he is related to another Crossway author that he has heard about – even recommended her books – but has never met.

What? How can that be?

Let’s go back….

In writing my posts on Entering The Church, I thought more about my early days in the faith than I had for some time. As you may know, John was the one who sought me out and first presented the Gospel to me. But, as a brand-new convert himself, he quickly felt in over his head, so took me to visit Pentecostal friends who could explain the Gospel more clearly.

I have told you of Bernice, a young woman my age, who answered the door, then sat and just listened to me as I poured out my sorrow, desolation, and hatred of myself and life in general. Her fiance, Steve, then entered the room and began to systematically present the Gospel to me. Bernice had won my heart. He now won my mind and soul as he agreed with me that my evil, my sin, were real and a tremendous problem, objectively, to God.

I knew immediately that this was Truth, that this man was therefore speaking Truth generally. and I fell like a ripe little plum into his hands. Rather, into God’s hands. And was soundly converted.

Well, I was sitting at my computer a couple of days ago, and they popped into my mind. I did what we all do these days, and googled their names: Steve and Bernice Ditchfield. As the surname, especially, is unusual, I got an immediate hit for……a family singing group!

Could it be? I went to their webpage: and carefully perused it…Yes, without a doubt. It is them. As you know, although I can’t sing, I do love voice and listen to much choral music. So, my standards for vocal performance are relatively high. To be honest, I went into their clips on both the website and youtube with trepidation, but…they are good! Very good! Wonderful harmony. And almost all acapella.

Once I was sure of who they were, I contacted Bernice through their website and she responded immediately. She gave me a brief synopsis of their life to date, and outlined the status of each of their six children. I forwarded this to my own children, knowing they would be interested. That is when Tim picked up on the fact that their oldest daughter, Christin Ditchfield, also has published with Crossway, and that he has recommended one or two of her books.

So, to go back to the beginning of my post, doesn’t that mean they are related? Tim’s spiritual grandfather is Christin’s physical  – and probably spiritual – father. And, of course, we are all family in Christ anyway!

Christin contacted Tim and told them that all her life she has heard the story of a lost girl being instantaneously transformed by the power of the Gospel. Tim told her he has always heard of a loving couple that didn’t minimize sin and thus won his mother’s confidence, and soul.

Forty year-one years later there are ten young adults who have grown up to serve the Lord in their generation. And they now know of one another.

Isn’t that beautiful?