Tim bought me a massive biography of George Washington for Christmas and due to new babies, intervening quick reads, and life in general I am only now finishing it. I know we have all heard that Washington was a Mason and I am sure we have all wondered to what extent he was committed to the order. Unfortunately, it seems very much so. It is a Read This and Weep episode of American history:

“On September 18,1793,at Mount Vernon,Washington greeted a fife and drum corps from Alexandria and presided over a festive procession to install the cornerstone of the Capitol. After he crossed the Potomac, many Masons gathered to receive him, appareled in their order’s ceremonial garb. The grand parade to the ceremonial site proceeded under the auspices of Lodge No. 22 of Alexandria and the Grand Lodge of Maryland and its assorted chapters. Officiating as Grand Master, Washington donned the elaborately embroidered Masonic apron that, in happier times, had been a gift from Lafayette’s wife. To the sharp reports of cannon, Washington stepped into a trench, hoisted a trowel, and spread cement on the cornerstone before pouring oil, corn, and wine over it as spectators offered up Masonic chants. Incorporated into this southeast corner of the Capitol was a silver plate engraved with the words “the year of Masonry 5793.”

Again we see what a checkered affair life, and so history, is. My understanding is that most godly American pastors were in favor of the American Revolution. Were they, as a group, not called the “black brigade” or something along these lines? In his biography of George Whitefield, Dallimore says that the great evangelist was a noted voice favoring independence from Great Britain. So, we know there were many fervent prayers before God’s throne for his blessing on this new republic.

But then, alongside, occultism….On the part of the Father of the Nation….Who was, horizontally speaking, a great man, without a doubt…

Weird, evil, and troubling.

A thought: This makes me wonder about the continuing influence of Masonry. We Evangelicals give it not a thought, but I suspect it is still a considerable force in our society. I know recently during a mayoral contest in our community, one of the candidates approached John with a Masonic handshake…..

Another reason to fast and pray without ceasing for our nation…