I don’t follow mainstream media but, apparently, there has been an article on CNN’s blog that has generated much comment. It is from an atheist mom who shares why she has raised her kids without God.

A young woman asked me to comment on this. She wanted to know what questions I might ask the author if I had the opportunity. The paragraph I was most interested in was the following. I will share it with you, with appropriate questions:

“When we raise kids we tell them the truth – we are no more special than the next creature. We are just a very, very small part of a very, very big machine – whether that machine is nature or society – the influence we have is miniscule. The realization of our insignificance gives us a true sense of humbleness.”

Question One: The house is on fire. Will you save your three-year-old or the goldfish?

Question Two: I thought so. OK. Will your teaching – that your son is no more special than a goldfish, for instance; that he is a small part of a big machine; that he is insignificant – spur him on to address issues of the social justice you yearn for?

Question Three: Why is it important that ‘creatures’ such as outlined in Question Two (commonly called people, or human beings) be dignified by the service of others at all?

Question Four: Doesn’t their very insignificance justify the ‘god’ you accuse of ignoring them?

“Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”