Francis Schaeffer insisted that Communism was, in a way, a Christian heresy. It assigned a value to man that no atheistic philosophy could possible give it, but was borrowed from the Bible. And it was only by blood – in this case the blood of the bourgeoisie, the oppressors –  that heaven could be attained.

Richard Wurmbrand, who lived as a Jewish Christian under both Nazi and Communist governments, says that the latter was by far the worst. But he faithfully witnessed to even atheistic Soviet soldiers at the cost, eventually, of his own freedom. He said that the best friend the Christians had as they spoke of Truth was the other person’s conscience. And what a master he was of aiming brilliant spiritual/’psychological’ arrows right into hearts. Listen to these two incidents:

“On a train, a Russian officer sat in front of me. I had spoken to him about Christ for only a few minutes, when he broke out with a wave of atheistic arguments. Marx, Stalin, Voltaire, Darwin, and other quotations against the Bible just flew from his mouth. He gave me no opportunity to contradict him. He spoke for nearly an hour to convince me there is no God. When he had finished, I asked him, “If there is no God, then why do you pray when you are in trouble?” Like a thief surprised while stealing, he replied, “How do you know that I pray?” I did not allow him to escape, “I asked my question first. I asked why you pray. Please answer!” He bowed his head and acknowledged, “On the front, when we were encircled by the Germans, we all prayed. We did not know how to do it. So we said, ‘God and spirit of mother’” ….

Isn’t it interesting that Wurmbrand did not counter intellectual argument for intellectual argument? As he said, he flew right for his ally, the other man’s conscience. We know there aren’t atheists in foxholes, as this man attested. Probably there aren’t many intellectuals, at least mere intellectuals, either….

The second incident came during an interrogation in prison:

In prison, the political officer asked me harshly, “How long will you continue to keep your stupid religion?” I said to him,,”I have seen innumerable atheists regretting on their deathbeds that they have been godless; they called on Christ. Can you imagine that a Christian could regret, when death is near, that he has been a Christian and call on Marx or Lenin to rescue him from his faith?” He began to laugh – “A clever answer.”

So simple. So profound.  Even the Communist interrogator saw the absurdity of this…and laughed!