I am still rattling, wheezing and spacey. A couple of examples:

I had my tiniest granddaughter with me yesterday, and saw that she was carrying around a bag of oranges I had bought for my son, Andrew. I said to her, “No, no, Elinor. You can’t have those. They are for Uncle Orange.”

Then later that day I shot off an email to our pastor’s wife and signed it, “Love, Mom.”

So I think it best if I go with a quote today. Who knows what I might do or say otherwise….

Again, from “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand. A wondrous truth during the time of Communist oppression in Europe:

“It would be unfair to speak only about the Protestant Underground Church.

The Orthodox Christians in Russia were completely changed. Millions of them have passed through prisons where they had no beads, no crucifixes, no holy images, no incense, no candles. The laymen were in prison without an ordained priest. The priests had no robes, no wheat bread, no wine to consecrate, no holy oils, no books with prepared prayers to be read, And they discovered that they could get by without all these things, by going to God directly in prayer. They began to pray and God began to pour forth His Spirit upon them. A genuine spiritual awakening, very similar to  fundamental Christianity, took place among the Orthodox in Russia under communism.

So it happened that in Russia, as well as in the satellite countries, there existed an Orthodox Underground, which was in reality evangelical, fundamental, and very close to God. It kept, only by the power of habit, a very little of the Orthodox ritual. This Orthodox Underground has also given great martyrs. …”

Who but God can take one of Satan’s masterpieces, Communism, and have it – in spite of its most malign desires –  build His kingdom?

“He who sits in heaven will laugh them to scorn; the Lord will hold them in derision.”