Here is something I wrote several years ago when my grandchildren were fewer, and younger. They are infinitely amusing to me:

I spent yesterday and most of today with (my daughter) Maryanne, helping her with Will, doing some cleaning, and just hanging out with them all. I had a great conversation with six-year-old ‘Emily’:

Emily: Mimi, there is a boy at school named Brock who I think has fallen in love with me.

Mimi: Really?

Emily: Yes, he came and wanted to sit beside me today.

Mimi: What did you do?

Emily: I hit him over the head with my book.

Mimi: Oh? And what did he do then?

Emily: He said he wouldn’t be my friend anymore.

Mimi: Well!


Emily: And when ‘Sam’ (Tim’s son, Emily’s cousin)) was here at Christmas, he asked me whether I would marry him.

Mimi: Oh?

Emily: I told him we are cousins and cousins can’t get married! Anyway, he has to live in Canada and I have to live in Georgia. I don’t think that would work very well if we were married, do you?

Mimi: Probably not…

Another little anecdote, from Tim’s home:

I was singing mindlessly, as I often do, when ‘Faith’ said….. Mimi, God says that grandmas shouldn’t sing to their grandchildren….(I’m awfully afraid I won’t make the cut for that heavenly choir!)

Another anecdote, this time from NYC:

I am cleaning for (daughter) Susanna, and open the pantry closet…Ummm! Candied nuts! I’ll pop one in my mouth while I work….Yikes!….Susanna, what are these? Oh, that’s old potpourri we keep in there…(And what exactly was it I popped in my mouth? Don’t know!)