Young Tim Bosma has been found – dead, of course. I suppose there was not really any doubt that would be the final outcome. And, as I said in my last post, the man charged with the crime is rich. So, why did he kill Tim for the sake of stealing a truck it seems he could easily have bought? That ‘answer’ has not yet been given to the public…

Have you ever met a psychopath? I have. And it is an experience that changes you. It is an initiation into human sin at a very deep level…

Many years ago, John drove a red, crew-cab truck. It doubled as our family vehicle as I could not yet drive so there was no need for a second car. I think many people, seeing lots of kids pour out of this truck, took for granted that we were ‘financially challenged’ – which we were not.

There was a wealthy young fellow in our church who presumably shared this perspective and showed no interest in us at all. Until, one day, we asked his family over for Sunday lunch. He became aware that he had misunderstood our circumstances.

He quickly became a most sympathetic friend. His greatest concern was that we have a ’proper’ vehicle for our expanding family – something that was indeed becoming a genuine need…

And, guess what? He was the one who would provide it for us. A short-term investment with him and all would be well…Just take a mortgage out on your home and I will have it back to you, with interest, in no time…

And…we did it.…Why?

Because he was known to us, part of our congregation, related to church members…

And he was a master of manipulation. He knew exactly how to tempt us in our own particular circumstances.

But we got cold feet pretty quickly and, with the help of a sharp lawyer, backed out of the deal just in time.

Other members of the public (many lawyers and policemen, I understand! He was a brilliant con man) were not so fortunate and lost much.

I still think of this episode and marvel that this fellow would not have lost a minute’s sleep over stealing our family’s home for the sake of buying a bigger and better mansion for his own family. (It seemed he wanted our home as a down payment for this)

If we had been left on the street, so what?

It is really hard to be challenged by another human being, or by the Lord directly, regarding sin in your life, isn’t it?

But what a gift of grace, of God, it is when your conscience is active and ‘reverberates’ to rebuke, causing you to rethink and repent of evil attitudes and behavior.

The alternative can eventually become the unthinkable.

And do pray for Tim’s family. A friend, their spokesman, simply said that, “The anguish in this home is indescribable.”