A couple of short Friday thoughts:

Tim told me that some years ago John MacArthur interviewed a young woman who had been converted from Islam to Christianity at his church, while studying in the US. Eventually she had returned home and told her family about her new convictions.

Her father began to beat her, terribly, and MacArthur asked her what had been going through her mind at that time. She responded, “I was thinking, ‘He has a faith he is willing to kill for, and I have a faith I am willing to die for.’”

I believe her uncle rescued her and helped her get out of the country on the first flight possible….

And just a quick thought on something scientific – unusual for me, as I understand so little:

I have always contended that Darwinism could only have grown up in a society where cell theory was primitive. As I believe I have said before, even in the 1960’s, my high school biology text taught that a cell was a simple structure of wall, undifferentiated protoplasm, and an identifiable, but rather simple, nucleus.

Now, of course, we know that there is an astounding, virtually incomprehensible amount of specialization, of information, in even the ‘simplest’ cell. All built into the cell through a DNA code. Yes, a code….A language.

One website I go to occasionally was saying how ironic it is that certain scientists devote themselves to trying to find signs of intelligent non-terrestrial life in the universe – looking for even a word or sentence from space -and completely ignore the vast library of instructions embedded in every cell of their own bodies by, well, no one.

A language with no speaker. Instructions with no instructor.

Built by someone else? Owned?

Not me!