If there are any words that shut down meaningful discussion of Christian distinctives – whether of morality or theology – they are “Judge not”. I thought I would offer a quick two-part rejoinder to that.

One: Of course we can’t judge moral issues or transcendental truths. But God can. And he has. Those sixty-six books of the Bible are books of analysis and judgment from cover to cover. And we are expected to know them well and proclaim God’s own judgments, found in them, faithfully.

Two: Of course we can’t judge other people harshly and hypocritically as though we are a species of unfallen people. We are on the same spectrum as the rest of humanity. The only difference is our God, who has forgiven our sin and is working to deliver us from it.

On that note, I have to go. I am at Maryanne’s house right now and little Will is showing me how he can metamorphose from a caterpillar into a butterfly! An important Mimi moment!