As I have gotten older, one of the characteristics of God I have fallen more and more in love with is his immutability – his unchangeableness. My generation – the ‘powerful’ sixties one – is beginning to fade away. We have lost our parents – indeed all the guides and mentors of our youth. We are now laying aside our careers, our strength, our energy, and have essentially handed society over to our children. It is someone else’s world now. And changes are coming thick and fast. A very alienating feeling, in ways.

But God is the constant  – the same yesterday, today and forever. How I cling to him and praise him for his unchanging beauty and safety.

But all this is really preface to something else I have been thinking about.

One of my daughters wanted to explore what it means to glorify God. How can little people, sinners at that, bring glory to that great, unchanging One? We are called to it; that is not the issue. But how does it work?

Obviously we can not increase the sum total of God’s glory. He is immutable and can’t be changed for better or worse by us in any way whatsoever. From eternity to eternity he is and remains All-Glorious.

So what is our call?

To be mirrors. To reflect God’s own glory back to himself by becoming more and more Christlike in both character and deed. The horror of our fall into sin is that we now reflect an ugly, distorted picture of God to himself. Our very beings tell lies about him, to him! (And as I have said before, what does a person do with a mirror that makes him look ugly? He smashes it!)

But, in Christ, that has all changed. We now can begin to fulfil the vocation for which we were created. As we are changed into his image we do, in some measure, reflect the beauty of who he is back to himself. So we glorify him with his own glory.

How else could it possibly be?

“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!”