I am sick yet again and feeling totally uninspired. This time I have a cold – sore throat, snuffly nose, headache…I have begun to entertain the idea that I am allergic to this house!

John and I have mostly lived in two-story brick homes with a basement. We are now in a small, one-story frame house with just a crawl-space underneath. I really think I might be suffering from soil molds, mildews, whatever might be lurking down there.

I truly feel crummy.

And, horror of horrors, I have things I must do today – can’t avoid them.

So, in an attempt to encourage myself to face the day, I am thinking about words of Sabina Wurmbrand from her book The Pastor’s Wife. During her internment in a Soviet prison camp, she said the women were often tormented by tremendous regrets about how they led their former lives, when free.

What was the most common sorrow?

They had not appreciated ‘ordinariness’, and had grumbled their lives away.

Yes, I am sick again, but I will be sick in the midst of an ordinary day with its many blessings. For this I am thankful.