A quick thought in the midst of my chronic headache:

Recently I was chatting with a casual friend, just asking how things were going for her,  when I saw her face stiffen, then crumble, and she began to sob – noisily, deeply, like a small child.

All of a sudden the pieces of what I know about her fell into place and I began to have a sense of what has – probably – been going on in her life. I had not taken the time, or perhaps felt the right, to do so to this point.

Adult tears move me greatly. By definition, the roots are deep and the causes often irremediable with older people. Life is not ‘flexible’ any more.

I am so glad that God does not handle our sorrows with a “Shhhh. Don’t cry.” (Even a well-meaning one which, of course, would have to be the case with him!)

No, he lets us go to it. The bone-wracking sobs, the runny nose, the red-eyed aftermath.

 God is many things to us. Beautiful things. Majestic things. But, they are juxtaposed with something so very ordinary.

‘Listen’ to these concluding words of, ‘O Worship the King’

“Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.”

Maker – Yes, he is the great God who created all from nothing by the word of his mouth.

Defender – Yes, because I am his, he has promised to be my fortress, my shield.

Redeemer – Yes, he has bought me out of the slavery of sin.

Friend…Friend? ….After all of these mighty and wondrous titles and relationships?


The one who will patiently sit with us through our storms of grief and wipe our tears away at the end.

Who is like him?