Yesterday I worked my regular ten-hour shift at a Christian hotline. Most teens and young adults prefer not to phone but to speak with us by live chat – challenging for me with my minimal typing skills.

My day ended as it had begun – with a girl questioning God’s integrity for allowing circumstances in her life that have greatly affected her since. The perennial question of ‘evil’ presented in experiential terms.

I honestly can’t remember what I said to her. The chats are often in quick succession and merge in my mind quickly. But it did make me reiterate my own little ‘catechism’ regarding evil:

One) God sovereignly determines how the evil of man will be acted out, always in the context of restraining it. (Or we would devour one another, and destroy the world, as well, tomorrow)

Two) The ‘substance’ of evil is not God’s, but ours. Likewise, its guilt.

These two quick points that have been a helpful grid for me as I confront troubling issues.

And just a quick little anecdote I think you will enjoy along with me:

My daughter, Grace, often listens to classical music at home and in the car. A couple of days ago she asked her daughter, barely four, what she would like to listen to on the car radio. She replied, “ Now we will listen to a compilation of trumpets.”

She probably knows what a trumpet is. She most certainly doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘compilation’. But doesn’t it show how God makes human beings love words? What a blessing it is to children when parents saturate them in rich language!

See you on Monday!