When I get tired, I lose language. My mouth operates long after my brain has shut down…

Last night I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I became annoyed by a fly. I went into the kitchen to get the flyswatter and said, “John, there is a big fat spy in the bathroom.”

Just me and my flyswatter between national security and the forces of evil…

On a more serious note, I am almost through the minor prophets – about half-way through Zechariah. I was fascinated by this vision:

Zechariah sees a huge scroll – obviously with God’s law inscribed on it – flying over the land and eventually entering homes and settling there. Why? To curse them.

What an unsettling image. God looking down from heaven and seeing people only through this floating, hovering synopsis of his righteousness. Which filters out and exposes their sin. Always and every day.

Their homes are no refuge, no bastions of ‘private morality’. Rather, this law with its curse will consume them, “timber and stones”.

Paul, in Corinthians, aptly calls the Old Covenant the ‘ministry of death’ and the ‘ministry of condemnation’.

What a fearsome thing God’s law is, apart from Christ!

And with that quick thought I will end as I am drunk with insomnia fatigue!