A dear friend told me recently that, some time ago, she and her husband were able to leave their children with family members and go away for an unprecedented few days on their own.

Time away from normal responsibilities. To luxuriate a little. To talk. To have fun!

And did they?

No. They fought the whole time!

So many things held over for just such a time. And so much pressure to solve them all and have a wonderful time doing it.

Not very realistic, is it?

John and I had very few ‘holidays’ from our children. His parents died young and mine lived several hours away.

But I do remember one.

We were able to go to Corning, New York – an artsy little town in a lovely setting. That night we lay in bed and started watching television – a treat for us as we never had one in our home. John wanted to watch boring nature programs, and I wanted to watch Rescue 911 – tales of heroism.

We simply couldn’t agree, but he had charge of the remote. So, eventually, I just grabbed it and threw it at him…..

More shades of happy days away for stressed parents.

Isn’t it interesting that you can often keep the lid on pressure when you are subject to a routine, but it ‘outs’ when routine is broken and external discipline is less?

Much as we need breaks…”All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”….routine is wonderful.

I was talking with a young woman recently who has had to work a very fragmented schedule. It is most difficult for her. As long as she has to do it, I know that God will be with her, strengthening her to accomplish what she must.

But God understands human nature so profoundly. Of course, as its creator!

And it is interesting that everything is set against the backdrop of the regularity of nature. Days, weeks, months, years, come and go with absolute precision. The cycle of the seasons is unvarying.

And with that comes comfort, security.

How good God is to give us only very carefully controlled diversity. We just aren’t made to live with too much change or irregularity.

So, before you take your next little Honeymoon break, take nothing for granted.